About Us

“It is our job to allow the Architect’s vision to be realised… with compliance complementing that vision rather than impeding it”  – Euan Morrison

Experienced Consulting Building Surveyors who can find simple solutions to meet compliance.

United Building Consultants is a well-respected and Australian-owned and operated firm providing Building Code Consulting services. Our hard-working and highly qualified team has extensive experience in all types of construction and rejuvenation projects.

We are proud that our proven, professional building code consulting service has contributed to the construction and redevelopment of many iconic buildings, particularly within Victoria. Our services reduce stress and add value through our timely and methodical proactive approach to the compliance review of the concept and design drawings.

As we do not accept appointments to act as the Relevant Building Surveyor, United Building Consultants can act on all your projects in the role of the Consulting Building Surveyor. This meets the requirements of the VBA’s Code of Conduct which commenced on 1 January 2021 and will require significant change to the current practices of appointing building  surveyors.